What people are saying about Positive Approach to Care seminars with Dorothy

"I've attended the last two sessions with Dorothy and she's interactive, engaging and funny. If you have a loved one who has dementia or the conditions that fall under it's umbrella like Alzheimers, this is a great way to get grounded and perspective on the changes that are happening for them in a way that's helpful and informative with plenty of points to build memory cues...highly recommend! be ready to participate and make friends :)"

"Learned a lot about what a person with dementia is feeling, seeing, etc. that will be helpful with how I interact with my mother.""Very excellent training program. Awesome to be able to "feel" the training and imagine being in the moment as the senior. Thank you!"

"Dorothy does an excellent job at facilitating all attendees to share so that each can learn from the others. The material focuses on how precious all people are including those with dementia. Thank you!"

"Highly informative, brought tears of recognition to my eyes."

"This was my second class with Dorothy and it was wonderful!  I learned a lot from the first class and was able to put them to use with my mother and had great results."

"This really helps me understand why my Mom does or says certain things. I would highly recommend these classes."

"Such a wonderful class to have! All family members should attend so all could have the best/same understanding for what Mom is going through."

"Hand Under Hand is a great technique!"

"I just love these workshops to help and understand and love my Mom better. She is NOT her disease 💖"

"I walked away with more knowledge about dementia than I've learned in school."

"Dorothy's demonstrations of the information were memorable and startlingly informative."